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"prepare new tail" means all of the text from the first modified line to the end?  (As opposed to "just the new mail"?)

mailbox does locking.  I see no reason in principle it couldn't stat/restore, it would just be setting the times on the new file rather than on a truncated/rewritten old file.  How hard that would be to incorporate into the existing logic I have no idea.  Of course there may be issues about this I haven't thought of.

From what you said, if mutt is the model for what mailbox should do, it shouldn't set the mtime later than the atime itself, it should only preserve it if it already was.  Which was my point about using mailbox as a delivery agent: if you *are* using it as a delivery agent, then the application using it as a delivery agent would be the one to set the mtime greater than the atime.  mailbox itself would (following the mutt model) just be preserving the existing relationships.

Do you think the mutt model is a good one to follow?
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