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> The problem report in question was submitted by one of the
> Debian maintainers.

Yeah, a documentainer at least.
I've used Debian (Woody i think that was 3.1).
Actually great because Lehmanns, Heidelberg, Germany did not
include the sources but they've sent me the sources (on seven CD's
as far as i remember) for free after i've complained.

Linux is really great.  You don't need internet access at all
because of that fantastic documentation, everywhere.  You look
into /dev and /sys and /proc and it's all so translucent!!  And
the GNU tools and libraries - they are so nicely designed.
The source code is so clean.  It's really an enlightened system.

Then i discovered FreeBSD 4.8 which released me from all that.
_ .
(I still had hairs at that time.  But that was long ago.)
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