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I have updated the patch in hg to address the sections marked "TODO" (after I submitted a patch to OpenSSL that they depended on). I'll resubmit a patch here in a ~week addressing that issue and those below, to continue pushing this issue along.

pitrou: Thanks for your feedback.

> - the OpenSSL functions you are using (SSL_get_srp_username etc.) don't seem documented on; this makes it harder to do a proper review

Yes...I'll submit some docs to OpenSSL on these functions.

> - what is an "SRP vbase"? is it something standardized, or OpenSSL-specific?
> - if server-side support needs a callback, I think it would be better to let users write their callback in Python, rather than force a hardwired implementation

An SRP "vbase" is OpenSSL's name for the SRP password (verifier) database. I will generalize this interface so that Python callbacks can be provided (in addition to using an OpenSSL verifier database).

> - no need to fill Misc/ACKS and Misc/NEWS by yourself, we can take care of that
> - ssl.wrap_socket() is the legacy API, I would rather add new features only to the SSLContext API

Got it.
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