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Date 2011-05-03.10:45:52
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Now me.

> When casting from pointer to integer and back again, the resulting
> pointer must reference the same object as the original pointer,
> otherwise the behavior is undefined. That is, one may not use
> integer arithmetic to avoid the undefined behavior of pointer
> arithmetic as proscribed in C99 6.5.6/8.

Say - isn't that a joke about farts of armchair crouchers.
All it says is that if you dereference garbage you get a crash.
If you're concerned, use volatile, and go shoot the compiler
programmer if she dares to optimize just anything.
And on ARM, isn't the interrupt table at ((void*)(char[])0x0)??
La vie est une rose beside that.
And all i need is atomic_compare_and_swap().
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