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This patch seems okay to me, as far as it goes. I'd like to hear Martin's feedback, but I think it should be committed.

And I realize the rest of this message doesn't apply to the patch, but it does address other problems in summary_getproperty(). At least one of these led to the original problem with the truncated character.

1. It's not clear to me that the malloc() call only occurs if the type is VT_LPSTR. But that's the only case where free() is called. I think it would be better to move the call to free() to a cleanup section at the end of the function.

2. The status is never checked for success, just for one specific failure. I think both calls to MsiSummaryInfoGetProperty should be looking for ERROR_SUCCESS.

3. I don't think VT_FILETIME is special enough for its own error message. It should just be caught with all other unknown types.

Maybe these last 3 should get their own new issue.
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