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Date 2011-04-30.11:57:47
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BTW, while I'm here :

Any advice on how to setup a truly multi-architecture python installation? 

I'm considering doing something like :

1. build same python source for both 32-bit and 64-bit, with
   64-bit installing /usr/lib/python-$V as /usr/lib64/python-$V  &
   32-bit installing /usr/lib/python-$V as /usr/lib32/python-$V

2. Replace /usr/bin/python with a shell script or program which does
   something like (in shell):
   if "`uname -m`" = i686 ; then # I'm in a 'setarch i686' env
      exec /usr/bin/32/python${0#python} $*
      exec /usr/bin/python${0#python} $*

Any thoughts about / advice on doing something like this ?
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