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Markus, I agree with Martin that this patch would go against current policy and should be closed. Rather than close it myself, I will try to persuade you to do so.

First, CPython is actually in the process of 'slimming down', of removing, not adding support for minority platforms. Please look at
and notice that support for 5 types of systems has been removed for 3.3 and 2 more are slated for removal in 3.4.

Second, buildbots are intended to be remote slaves of the master. When they finish one build, test, and report, there is (or soon will be) usually another version ready to test. I am pretty sure that does not work behind a corparate firewall. In any case, if you want to use a machine for anything else, you are better with a script that pulls, builds, and tests when *you* decide. Also, buildbots are usually dedicated to one version. You might want to test your patch with multiple versions.

Third, if you keep the code, then no one else can mess with it, even accidentally. You also get to decide exactly which Python versions you wish to support or not support.

Fourth, I think the few advantages of integration can be obtained by other means that are not much more difficult. This includes a link on the 'Other ports' page for the appropriate versions.
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