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Author Jason.Vas.Dias
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Date 2011-04-29.13:15:28
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RE: > a single, focused bug

What is this bug if not single and focused ?

The "SINGLE FOCUS" of this bug, in case you missed it , is that
there appears to be no source release of python that can build
and pass its make tests on my platform ; I then "FOCUSED" on
detailing each test failure found ; maybe you really don't
want people to be able to see these failures , which is why
the build hides the "-v" verbose option so effectively ?

I did first try :

$ ./configure --prefix=/usr --libdir=/usr/lib64 --enable-shared 

but this fails because no db module can build - again, back to 
my previous question - why must I enable any dbm module ?

I'll append the output of the failures from this "vanilla configure".
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