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Date 2011-04-28.16:57:39
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Hmm.  This is very odd.  The output from getstatus is the same as your ls output, and that output passes the re.  Python has its own regular expression implementation, so your pcre version shouldn't have anything to do with it.

That complicated re, by the way, is trying to confirm that what comes back from getstatus is something that looks like the output of ls, so no, it can't really be simplified and still be testing getstatus.

It looks like something weird is going on inside the test machinery.  Are you willing to do a little Python hacking?  If I were seeing this error on my box I'd split up that assert statement.  Get the value of the getstatus call, print it out.  Then pass the output to the re, and print the result (which should be None, given that the test is failing).  If the getstatus output looks right at that point, then something very odd indeed is going on.
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