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if the buildbot does not need to be reached from the outside, i could provide one, yes (i'm behind a company firewall/proxy infrastructure)

as for the patch: comments and improvement suggestions welcome :)

as for interix (actually SUA - Subsystem for UNIX Applications): It is a POSIX compatible layer on top of MS Windows (since 2000, up to currently 2008R2/7). I'm working on building gentoo prefix there, which brings a lot improvement to the rather outdated userland of interix (new GCC, python ;), new perl, etc.). Interix suffers from a few smaller problems, making it feel unstable in certain situations. For example, fork() tends to fail with EAGAIN, poll() does not work correctly, etc. To compensate this, i have build a library ( which wraps a lot of library functions. my python fixes python just enough to work with suacomp installed. without suacomp, python will still build (as suacomp only wraps existing apis), but will not work too well (depending on what your doing).
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