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I can understand what you are saying about side effects.

I was trying to suggest that the move to stat.st_mtime in in the hg commit I mentioned be reverted back to use stat[ST_MTIME], thereby matching the other python releases and the old behavior (and matching It seems to me that would be the safest course when it comes to side-effects.

If it were desired to determine which file was newer using sub-second values, perhaps that would make a reasonable change in distutils2, but files created with a few microseconds would have to be considered equivalent due to the reduced precision available in python floats (53 bits on my platform, if I understand correctly) as compared to the 64 bit precision used by some operating systems and file systems.

However, I think I'd prefer to turn the decision and further process over to you, if you don't mind. I thank you and your colleagues for your excellent work with python, and with making it platform independent--a very difficult part of the work indeed.
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