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Date 2011-04-26.01:34:42
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> >  - Rename _PyThread_Info() to PyThread_GetInfo() (consistent name with
> > PyFloat_GetInfo() and PyLong_GetInfo())
> I don't think we want that API to be public, so it should be
> _PyThread_GetInfo().

Why should it be private in C, but not in Python?

Why should it be private whereas PyLong_GetInfo() and PyFloat_GetInfo()
are public?

> >  - Always compile thread.c, but add #ifdef WITH_THREAD around most the
> > file (except PyThread_GetInfo())
> What's the point? Sounds like pointless complication.

Complication? It does *simplify*

I don't want to create a new file just for a small function.
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