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Date 2011-04-25.12:36:04
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> The MALLOC_MMAP_THRESHOLD improvement is less visible here:

Are you running on 64-bit ?
If yes, it could be that you're exhausting M_MMAP_MAX (malloc falls
back to brk when there are too many mmap mappings).
You could try with
MALLOC_MMAP_THRESHOLD_=1024 MALLOC_MMAP_MAX_=16777216 ../opt/python

By the way, never do that in real life, it's a CPU and memory hog ;-)

I think the root cause is that glibc's malloc coalescing of free
chunks is called far less often than in the original ptmalloc version,
but I still have to dig some more.

>> By the way, I noticed that dictionnaries are never allocated through
>> pymalloc, since a new dictionnary takes more than 256B...
> On 64-bit builds indeed. pymalloc could be improved to handle allocations up
> to 512B. Want to try and write a patch?

I'll open another issue.
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