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Date 2011-04-09.18:37:30
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On Sat, Apr 09, 2011 at 02:18:01PM +0000, STINNER Victor wrote:
> I noticied a strange behaviour:

So forget all this girlie s...!
Here is a real man's patch!!
You'll notice mysterious function calls with a Py prefix -
they're necessary in this environment, but anyway sorry for that.
(L'ascenseur est là, à gauche.
And i'll hope to come to lesson 2 soon...)

P.S.: this is very simple minded in respect to multibyte 
characters; our terminal library does something like this
(and the complete picture is even more complicated):

jnext:  uni = s_textcodec_decode_single(_sterm_io_codec, cbuf, cbuf_len,
        cbuf += bytes_consumed;
        cbuf_len -= bytes_consumed;
        if (s_PREDICT_FALSE(uni < 0)) {
                if (uni == -s_ERROR_INPROGRESS) {
                        seq_cpl = s_FAL0;
                        goto jleave;
                /*if (uni == -s_ERROR_ILSEQ || uni == -s_ERROR_INVAL) {*/
                        cbuf_len = 0;
                        uni = sterm_KEY_UNKNOWN;
                        goto jemit;
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