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On Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 5:42 PM, Jay Taylor <> wrote:
> I couldn't agree more with ping's position on this.

Adding votes to a tracker issue without a working patch will not move
it any further.   There are several committers besides me in the nosy
list including the original author of the datetime module.  If it was
such a universally desired feature as Ka-Ping makes it sound, it would
be committed long before I became the maintainer of the datetime

>  It is against the spirit of what Python has set out to be, and the blocking needs to stop.

I don't think any committer has a power to *block* a patch.  I
certainly don't.  If  Ka-Ping wants to add a feature over my
objections, it is well within his power to do so. (Note that I
objected to timedelta.total_seconds(), but it was added nevertheless.)
 It would be best, however to bring this to python-dev or python-ideas

> Any chance we could get a .epoch() function into python 2.7 as well?

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