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> socket.defaulttimeout(None)
> s = socket.socket()
> s.settimeout(0) #nonblocking
> s.bind()
> s2, a = s.accept()
> print s2.gettimeout() #prints ´none´, meaning blocking
> s2.receive(10) #raises EWOULDBLOCK error, since internally it is non-blocking

Could you post working Python 3 code which demonstrates the issue on

> This means that any module that uses the "pure" _socket.socket object,
> such as C extensions, will not get the "correct" behaviour.

Using undocumented implementation details (such as the _socket module)
is, AFAIK, unsupported.

Anyway, if you want the code to be changed, please propose a patch so
that it can be judged on its own merits (together with tests that
demonstrate the improvement, if any).
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