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> * Patch Py_DeleteFileW in posixmodule.c so that it renames before
> deleting: should solve the problem overall but obviously has a
> possible wider impact, in general and on performance in particular.
> This rename might be a simple rename-to-guid or something more
> sophisticated such as the rename-to-recycler which cygwin uses.
> * Patch support.unlink in the test package to do the rename dance on
> the basis that it'll fix at least some of the problems with less
> impact overall.
> Opinions? I'm willing to do either.

Well, since I'm not a Windows expert, I can only give an intuitive
opinion. I think that we should start with patching support.unlink();
tweaking Py_DeleteFile() so as to do something more sophisticated than a
simple removal sounds like it could hide some behaviour change that
could hit some legitimate uses.

(as an aside, for higher-level variants of OS functions, the shutil may
be an appropriate recipient)
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