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Date 2011-03-18.18:28:45
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By opening up pcbuild.sln in VS2008 Express, I was able to successfully build python and pythonw, but when I tried to build bdist_wininst it failed with "Fatal Error RC1015: cannot open include file afxres.h"

Googling turned up a number of comments about how this file is part of MFC, which is really not supposed to be used with VS2008. The recommended "fix" that seemed to work for most people online was to replace "afxres.h" with "windows.h" in the rc file. I did this in PC/bdist_wininst/install.rc, and then it failed with a different error about a missing IDC_STATIC token.

I have very little experience with Windows, so it's entirely possible I'm just doing something wrong, but I was asked in #python-dev to file a bug here.
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