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I'm rejecting this.  There is more than one bug here, but it starts with the fact that ('xxx', None) is treated the same as ('xxx', 'us-ascii').  In the first case it would be nice if a space was used to separate two of them in a row.  In the second case a space should not be used, since it should in fact be an encoded word.

The documentation for make_header says it takes a list produced by decode_header.  decode_header will never produce two ('xxx', None) tuples in a row.  It could produce a tuple with us-ascii preceeded or followed by one with None, but that would be only if the us-ascii one really was an encoded word, and so encoded word spacing rules should be followed.

However, the current quirks are of such long standing that I don't think it is a good idea to fix them.  The broken behavior won't be encountered in any reasonable email, and changing the behvior is much more likely to break existing oddball uses of the interface than it is to fix bugs in such uses.

We'll fix this to work right in email6.
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