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Date 2011-03-13.21:28:14
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(based on the fruitfull meating I had with Ned after the language summit at Pycon '11)

Running configure on a MacOSX system will set MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET to 10.4, which is probably not optimal for anyone on a recentish system.  It would be better to set the deployment target to something more recent. There seem to be two options:

* set the deployment target to the current OS release by default
  (that is, 10.6 on a Snow Leopard system, 10.4 on a Tiger system)

* set the deployment target to 10.4 on OSX 10.4 and 10.5 on 
  later versions.

Setting it to the version of the current OS is probably the least surprising. 

Related to this: configure --enable-universalsdk selects the 10.4u SDK
by default. That would have to be changed at the same time, setting
the deployment target to 10.6 while still trying to use files from
the 10.4u SDK is not very useful.

I'd set the default value of the SDK to '/' on anything newer than OSX 10.4 and keep the 10.4u SDK on OSX 10.4 (because you cannot build universal binaries using the default system headers on a lot of 10.4 systems).

I'll work on a patch for the default branch during the sprints, and interesting question is if this should be backported.
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