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Author jaraco
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Date 2011-03-11.22:27:08
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It appears that distutils isn't loading the authentication information from .pypirc. I ran this test on Python 3.2 64-bit on Windows.

PS C:\Users\jaraco\projects\hgtools> python -m pdb sdist upload
> c:\users\jaraco\projects\hgtools\<module>()
-> """
(Pdb) b distutils/command/
Breakpoint 1 at c:\python\lib\distutils\command\
(Pdb) c
running sdist
running egg_info
# lines elided
Writing hgtools-1.0b1\setup.cfg
creating 'dist\' and adding 'hgtools-1.0b1' to it
adding 'hgtools-1.0b1\.hgignore'
# lines elided
removing 'hgtools-1.0b1' (and everything under it)
running upload
Submitting dist\ to
> c:\python\lib\distutils\command\
-> loglevel = log.INFO
(Pdb) auth
'Basic Og=='
(Pdb) user_pass
(Pdb) c
Upload failed (401): You must be identified to edit package information
The program finished and will be restarted
> c:\users\jaraco\projects\hgtools\<module>()

I have a valid .pypirc that works in Python 2.7:

C:\Users\jaraco\projects\hgtools> cat C:\Users\jaraco\.pypirc

index-servers =

username: jaraco
password: omitted

I tried adding repository= in [pypi], or supplying -r, but that had no effect.

I tried adding -r pypi, but that elicited a new error.
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