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Author giampaolo.rodola
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Date 2011-03-09.22:35:44
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Thanks for the great review Eric.
Patch in attachment provides the following changes:

- return a generator object
- remove callback parameter
- each yielded entry is a (name, {...}) tuple
- fix for ";" in file name
- fix for " " in file name
- fix for "=" in fact value
- raise on missing "=" in fact
- no longer converts numbers in integers
- all dictionary keys (fact names) are lower-cased
- extended test suite covering a lot of cases
- no new lines in MLSD_DATA
- updated doc with deprecation warnings for dir() and nslt() methods

> Aren't you modifying the state on the server (via "OPTS MLST"), 
> and then if you make a subsequent call without specifying "facts"
> you'll be using the value of "facts" from the previous call to MLSD? 

Correct. This is how OPTS/MLSD are supposed to work.
Not sure whether we can or *should* reset initial default facts.
I think we shouldn't.
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