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Author gpolo
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Date 2011-03-06.15:21:32
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I have a different problem here on Mac, but I can manage to reproduce
your issue if I apply the following patch:

Index: Lib/tkinter/
--- Lib/tkinter/     (revision 88757)
+++ Lib/tkinter/     (working copy)
@@ -920,9 +920,9 @@
   'bindtags', self._w, tagList)
     def _bind(self, what, sequence, func, add, needcleanup=1):
         """Internal function."""
-        if isinstance(func, str):
-   + (sequence, func))
-        elif func:
+        #if isinstance(func, str):
+        # + (sequence, func))
+        if func:
             funcid = self._register(func, self._substitute,
             cmd = ('%sif {"[%s %s]" == "break"} break\n'

This should help someone else to produce a patch for this problem you
reported. It is "interesting" that this same patch fixes the problem I
have here (I get a SIGSEGV if I click the cancel button side the
askdirectory dialog).
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