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Date 2011-03-03.13:18:53
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subprocess_getoutput.patch: patch subprocess.getstatusoutput() to use directly Popen, instead of os.popen, with stderr=subprocess.STDOUT instead of "2>&1" shell redirection. It strips also all trailing spaces and newlines, not just the last one. And finally, it removes "Availability: UNIX." from the documentation.

I tried to add a shell argument (to be able to disable the shell) and to accept any Popen keyword, but I don't know how to implement shell=False if the input is a list of arguments. list2cmdline() is unsafe on UNIX (see #8972). And if getstatusoutput() doesn't accept argument list, it becomes useless with shell=False (it doesn't support to call a program with arguments).

Note: the status is still shifted on UNIX to be compatible with the wait() format.
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