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STINNER Victor wrote:
> STINNER Victor <> added the comment:
>> Does subprocess work from inside Windows GUI applications?
> You mean: Python embedded in another program? I don't know. How can I test that?

Try to use platform from within IDLE or PythonWin. The popen()
implementation in platform was added mostly to address issues
on Windows.

> I never see any warning in subprocess documentation saying that subprocess doesn't work on Windows in some cases. subprocess uses CreateProcessW() (by _subprocess.CreateProcess).
> I suppose that CreateProcessW() can always be used.

Probably yes, but it's better to check.

> Note: subprocess does still support Windows 9x. But there is an issue to drop this support: #2405 (Drop w9xpopen and all dependencies).

The platform module in Python3 no longer needs to support platforms
that are not supported by Python2.

Some background on the compatibility requirements of platform:

The main reason for making platform portable across various Python
versions was to be able to use one version for all commonly used
Python versions. It originated from code I wrote for our build
machines and was intended to be used in multi-Python version build

For the Python3 branch, the same stability should be applied, but
keeping Python 3.2 compatibility is enough, IMO, since previous
3.x versions did not get much use.
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