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STINNER Victor wrote:
> New submission from STINNER Victor <>:
> Extract of the documentation:
> ----
> Win95/98 specific
> platform.popen(cmd, mode='r', bufsize=None)
> Portable popen() interface. Find a working popen implementation preferring win32pipe.popen(). On Windows NT, win32pipe.popen() should work; on Windows 9x it hangs due to bugs in the MS C library.
> ----
> Python 3 doesn't support Windows 9x/Me anymore: we should deprecate it, or maybe directly remove it.
> subprocess.Popen() is a better alternative: it supports Unicode, it handles EINTR, etc.

Does it prevent a shell window from opening on Windows ?

Does subprocess.Popen() use the system's PATH for finding the
executable ?

Since it's a documented API, we could replace it with an implementation
that uses subprocess.Popen(), but not remove it.
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