Author jackjansen
Date 2003-01-06.13:10:52
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I'm opening this one again, because on the Macintosh I still have one more problem with test_crlf_separation.

The change you made in the repository (mark the file as binary) was half the fix, but I needed to do another thing as well: open the test file in binary mode. On Windows and Unix you can open the file in text mode (for Windows there's no problem at all, for Unix there will be '\r' at the end of each line, but that is handled), but not so on the mac ('\r\n' in the file will be converted to '\n\r' upon reading, which results in \r at the beginning of each line).

I checked in a fix for this (, rev., let me know whether you agree with this, then I'll check it in on the trunk too.
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