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After a mail I sent to the Unicode Consortium about the corner case I found, they updated the "Best Practices for Using U+FFFD"[0] and now it says:
 Another example illustrates the application of the concept of maximal subpart for UTF-8 continuation bytes outside the allowable ranges defined in Table 3-7. The UTF-8 sequence <41 E0 9F 80 41> is ill-formed, because <9F> is not an allowed second byte of a UTF-8 sequence commencing with <E0>. In this case, there is an unconvertible offset at <E0> and the maximal subpart at that offset is also <E0>. The subsequence <E0 9F> cannot be a maximal subpart, because it is not an initial subsequence of any well-formed UTF-8 code unit sequence.

The result of decoding that string with Python is:
>>> b'\x41\xE0\x9F\x80\x41'.decode('utf-8', 'replace')
i.e. the bytes <E0 9F> are wrongly considered as a maximal subpart and replaced with a single '�' (the second � is the \x80).

I'll work on a patch and see how it comes out.

[0]: - page 96
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