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Date 2011-02-23.01:11:05
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    Python 3.2 ... on win32
    >>> import sys
    >>> for line in sys.stdin:
    ...     print(repr(line))

Oh yes, I confirm that there is a second bug: sys.stdin doesn't translate \r\n to \n, whereas sys.stdin is a text file.

Attached patch fixes both issues.

> Is it possible to add some tests for input()?

input() has already tests, but the bug was not detected because the test uses a mockup, not a subprocess. Moreover, I don't think that it is possible to test input() for the TTY case. It is not easy to test a TTY, especially on Windows.

If anyone knows how to reproduce the two bugs with a short Python script, I can try to convert it into a test.

> Also the patch uses tabs instead of spaces.

Yeah, I hate producing patches on Windows. Fixed in the new patch (prepared on Linux).
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