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> Can you add tests for "%.s"? I would like to know if "%.s" is different than "%s" :-)

Oh sorry~~  I made an mistake. There is no bug here. I have attached tests that show that '%.s' is the same as '%s'.

Here is the updated patch:
1, changed the function name unicode_format() to 
1, remove
-                                 "must be a sequence, not %200s",
+                                 "must be a sequence, not %.200s",
in Python/ceval.c

2, Removing using PySequence_GetSlice() in unicode_format_align() and do a refactor to optimize the process.

3, Add tests for '%.s' and '%s', as haypo wanted.

This is obviously not the final patch just convenient for other to do a  review. Something more need to be discussed.
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