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Date 2011-02-10.11:03:47
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I think this issue is related to, which is in turn related to (Locks in python standard library should be sanitized on fork).

When  a mutex created by a parent process is used from within a child process, this can lead not only to a deadlock, but also to SIGSEGV.

To understand the purpose of pthread_atfork, recall that fork duplicates the whole memory space, including mutexes in their current locking state, but only the calling thread: other threads are not running in the child process. The mutexes are not usable after the fork and must be initialized with pthread_mutex_init in the child process. This is a limitation of the current implementation and might or might not be present in future versions.

They must be initialized.

Suggesting to close both #11148 and #11158 as dupe of #6721.
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