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Date 2011-02-04.07:38:37
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After looking into these two test failures a bit more, it looks like both are due to regressions and/or bugs in the ActiveState Tk 8.5.9 Cocoa behavior versus the Apple Cocoa Tk 8.5.7, with which neither test fails.

The test_tab_identifiers failure may be a test case error where the test is making unwarranted assumptions about how the Notebook widget lays out its tabs.

The test_traversal failure may need to be modified to use a different key modifier for OS X (<alt> -> <option>) but there appears to be a deeper problem within Cocoa Tk on how the traversal is implemented (hint, option-char can run into the dead key problem documented in Issue10973).

Neither of these failures appear to indicate any problems with tkinter itself.  At this stage in the 3.2 cycle, the failures can either be ignored or, if necessary, conditionally disabled for platform 'darwin'. This should be a release manager call.  Otherwise, the next step would be to isolate further and report as possible upstream bugs.

Also, the "setCanCycle: is deprecated" warnings have subsequently been shown to be avoidable by a change in the upstream Tcl/Tk build process and are expected to disappear in the next release of ActiveState Tcl/Tk 8.5.
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