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Date 2011-02-03.12:30:47
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After discussions with Raymond, I now agree that it would be better to not copy the Tools into the Applications/Python 3.x directory since everything else there is of the double-clickable nature, i.e. aimed at the user more comfortable with a GUI interface.  Since the Tools files may be of interest to advanced command-line users, a better place for them is within the framework share directory as many other UNIX-like distributions install them in /usr/share.

The following two patches implement the following changes from 3.2rc2 OS X installer behavior.


1. modifies the Mac Makefile installextras target to put a copy of Tools/ in the framework at share/doc/pythonm.n/examples rather than in /Applications/Python m.n

2. updates the installer ReadMe file accordingly.


3. places a link named "Python Documentation.html" in /Applications/Python m.n to the top-level index.html file of the installed documentation set.

4. places a link to the documentation directory in the framework at share/doc/pythonm.n/html

Summary of installed file differences:

/Applications/Python m.s/
    2.7/3.1: contained ReadMe and old Demo directories
    3.2rc2: contained Tools directory (note 1 below)
    3.2: no longer created
  Python Documentation.html
    2.7/3.1/3.2rc2: not created
    3.2: symlink to index page of standard documentation:

    2.7/3.1/3.2rc2: not created
    3.2: contains Tools directory
    2.7/3.1/3.2rc1: not created
    3.2: relative symlink to standard documentation location:

The included changes affect only the Mac installer script and the Mac Makefile.  Both variants of the installer were built with these fixes and tested on 10.5 and 10.6 as appropriate.  If after review, the patches meet expectations, I ask for release manager approval to apply for 3.2final.

Note 1: If the user had installed one of the Python 3.2rc installers, the Extras directory and its contents will not be removed by the 3.2final installer.

Note 2: The additional documentation links should also be backported to 2.7.
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