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I don't have an opinion on 1252236. I'm not certain it would help.

I have an extension that runs a bunch of (alien) threads into Python code. The threads deliver information for all sorts of real world events, asynchronously. Multiple threads are used, because people occasionally want to do blocking operations in these alien threads, but still want to be able to handle other incoming information at full speed, with the other threads.

If any of these threads attempts to update a Tkinter widgit - and this is the first thing I tried to do - then tkinter will except or crash in some horrible way, sooner or later. 

The attached .py (in Python 2.7.1) does it without any extensions. Click on Launch quickly 10-15 times; if it doesn't crash, kill and restart. It rarely takes more than 4-5 runs to get a traceback, or occasionally python itself just crashes. Bottom line, one thread in .mainloop() and another thread calling virtually any Tkinter function, even something as simple as .after(), is an invitation a crash.
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