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Author belopolsky
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Date 2011-01-30.16:46:00
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It would be nice to add a unit test to this patch.  I don't think messing with read-only filesystems is feasible in regrtest, but it seems from reading _ctypes_alloc_callback() source that similar behavior can be triggered by passing a failing converters list to a ctypes function constructor.

A nit-pick: it would be easier to verify that all CThunkObject fields are initialized if initialization was done in the same order as declaration:

typedef struct {
    PyObject *callable;
    PyObject *restype;
    SETFUNC setfunc;
    ffi_type *ffi_restype;
    ffi_type *atypes[1];
} CThunkObject;

In other words, "p->restype = NULL;" should go after "p->callable = NULL;".
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