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Date 2011-01-29.10:14:45
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RDM: it seems i was too tired to get your messages right last evening!
Indeed it's now completely my fault, i should inspect the content further in respect to the str/bytes etc. stuff!  Thus - i will now need three or four days to cleanup my hacky code before output of this broken thing is of any further use.  (If afterwards something new shows up i will of course post a feedback.)
It may be of interest for you, however, that speed broke down heavily once again, so that my dumb thing did not take 2 seconds as it did after applying the first patch, but almost 8 seconds.  (It takes max. 1.1 seconds on Python 2.7.)
Beside that there came to me a "hhuuuuh"!  Python is a lot about testing!  I would have been more of a help if i would have simply offered some test cases? !!  Next time!

RDM: thanks a lot for spending long hours of work on this issue!
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