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Date 2011-01-28.19:30:17
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Attached is an updated patch that uses keyword arguments.

Using an offset with Linux was always supported although I have cleaned up the documentation a bit to make that clearer.
E.g. the following script sends part of a file over a socket (shows using an offset and None).
This requires listening with a socket on the same computer on port 8001 (e.g. nc -l 8001).

import os
import socket

with open("/tmp/test", "wb") as fp:
    fp.write(b"testdata\n" * 1000000)

cli = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
cli.connect(('localhost', 8010))
c = cli.fileno()
f ="/tmp/test", os.O_RDONLY)

os.sendfile(c, f, 1, 7) # "estdata"
os.sendfile(c, f, None, 4) # "test"
os.sendfile(c, f, None, 4) # "data"
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