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Alright. More digging turned up the Tkinter "after" function, aka WM_TIMER for Windowy people like me, and that plus a nonblocking queue get() gets all my drawing operations back into the mainLoop() thread. VoilĂ , no more crashes.

Let me suggest that page one, sentence one of any Tkinter documentation should begin "Tkinter is not thread safe", with a link to an example of after() and nonblocking get(). I've changed the component to Documentation. This would save a few days for poor sods like me -- I'm used to low level Windows C++ GUI work, where any thread can call any SDK function at any time, and Windows sorts it all out. 

Having to force everything into a single thread, and then poll for my data (*GAG*), is something I thought died in the 80's. Is anyone looking at thread safe GUI libraries?
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