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As to the comment:

"""IMO we should really promote clean APIs which allow solving the whole
problem, rather than devise an internal hack to try to "improve" things

The reality is that if you force a change on every single extension module doing callbacks into the interpreter without having the GIL first, you will never see people update their code as they will likely not care about this special use case. And so the whole point of adding the additional APIs will be wasted effort and have achieved nothing.

The TLS solution means many modules will work without the authors having to do anything.

You therefore have to balance between what you perceive as a cleaner API and what is actually going to see a benefit without having to wait a half dozen years before people realise they should change their ways.

BTW, TLS is currently used for current thread state for simplified GIL API, why isn't that use of TLS a hack where as doing the same for interpreter is?
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