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Date 2011-01-13.23:05:28
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I am replacing issue6697-lsprof.diff with a (hopefully) more carefully written version that addresses the issues that Victor noted.


I take your comment as +1 for adding PyModule_GetNameObject().

I started looking into adding unit tests that would exercise this code, but is does not seem possible to trigger the fn->m_self == NULL condition.  According to the comment in the code, this is supposed to be the case when fn is a builtin function, but I observe the following in the debugger when running test_cprofile:

(gdb) pyo fn
object  : <built-in function exec>
type    : builtin_function_or_method
refcount: 4
address : 0x10038c678
$5 = void
(gdb) pyo fn->m_self 
object  : <module 'builtins' (built-in)>
type    : module
refcount: 51
address : 0x100388ee8
$6 = void
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