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Looking better.
I see you've retained the charset parameter, but do not pass it through to nested calls of FieldStorage.  This is good, because it wouldn't work if you did.  However, purists might still complain that FieldStorage should only ever use and affect stdin... however, since I'm a pragmatist, I'll note that the default charset value is None, which means it does nothing to stdout or stderr by default, and be content with that.

I've run a couple basic tests and it works, and the other things the code hasn't changed since your last iteration, but I'll test them again after I get some sleep.

I'll try setting the Version here back to 3.2 -- it is a bug in 3.2 -- and see if some committer will take pity on web developers that use CGI, and are hoping to be able to use Python 3.2 someday.
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