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Yes, the immanence of RC1 makes it really doubtful that this can be fixed in 3.2.  Whether or not it can be fixed in 3.2.1 will depend on the nature of the fix.  If it changes behavior such that currently working uses of FieldStorage (that don't deal with binary files) break, then the fix can't be backported.  Likewise if the API changes, the change can't be backported.

Doing the deprecation sounds like a good idea.  Would you be willing to propose a patch with tests?  I'm pretty busy this week and I doubt I can do anything myself about it before the weekend.

If this cannot be fixed in a way that is backward compatible (and even if it can), in 3.3 we also have the option of adding features to the email package to better support the use cases in HTTP if that makes sense.  Certainly the external file support is something that email needs for itself, so it would be nice to add that in 3.3.
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