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Date 2011-01-11.21:27:23
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On Tue, Jan 11, 2011 at 4:15 PM, anatoly techtonik
<> wrote:
> To summarize: What is wrong with my previous proposal if we remove t
> from params?

Not much is wrong with it.   If it would come in a form of a patch and
without typos or mark-up mistakes, I or another committer would
probably apply it as an incremental improvement.   However, given that
additional effort is needed to apply your suggestion, I would rather
wait until a better solution is available.  Specifically, I don like
the duplication of time.localtime().tm_isdst recipe in daylight and
altzone.  Also, these variables should really be grouped together in
the docs.   I would like this to be done before a committer spends
time proofreading, fixing reST markup and committing the change.
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