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> The actual issue was initially detected when observing that the
> 'tarfile' package produced a tar containing different permissions,
> depending on the script being executed by 'cygwin python' or 'native python'.

I would expect that. Each of those work in their own world when it comes to file permissions, and there really isn't a 1-to-1 match when it comes to working in both environments.

On native Windows, "Read & Execute" has no real affect on applications, as it appears to be a synthetic permission probably constructed for that property window. I just looked at a number of definitely not executable files on my computer (e.g., text files), and they are all listed as "Read & Execute". Even by right clicking and adding a new file with a garbage name, no extension, and no contents, it's still "Read & Execute" enabled.

Additionally, there is no programmatic way to set that "Read & Execute" flag that you see in the property window.
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