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Victor said:
"Set sys.stdin.buffer.encoding attribute is not a good idea. Why do you modify fp, instead of using a separated attribute on FieldStorage (eg. self.fp_encoding)?"

Pierre said:
I set an attribute encoding to self.fp because, for each part of a multipart/form-data, a new instance of FieldStorage is created, and this instance needs to know how to decode bytes. So, either an attribute must be set to one of the arguments of the FieldStorage constructor, and fp comes to mind, or an extra argument has to be passed to this constructor, i.e. the encoding of the original stream

I say:
Ah, now I understand why you did it that way, but:

The RFC 2616 says the CGI stream is ISO-8859-1 (or latin-1).  The _defined_ encoding of the original stream is irrelevant, in the same manner that if it is a text stream, that is irrelevant.  The stream is binary, and latin-1, or it is non-standard.  Hence, there is not any reason to need a parameter, just use latin-1. If non-standard streams are to be supported, I suppose that would require a parameter, but I see no need to support non-standard streams: it is hard enough to support standard streams without complicating things.  The encoding provided with stdin is reasonably unlikely to be latin-1: Linux defaults to UTF-8 (at least on many distributions), and Windows to CP437, and in either case is configurable by the sysadmin.  But even the sysadmin should not be expected to configure the system locale to have latin-1 as the default encoding for the system, just because one of the applications that might run is an CGI program.  So I posit that the encoding on fp is irrelevant and should be ignored, and using it as a parameter between FieldStorage instances is neither appropriate nor necessary, as the standard defines latin-1 as the encoding for the stream.
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