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Date 2011-01-09.18:36:40
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> Antoine Pitrou <> added the comment:
> Charles-François' analysis seems to be right. Note that the actual issue here is that read() always succeeds, returning a partial result (because you're executing a command, 'find /', which outputs a lot of data). If read() were interrupted before anything could be read, it would return EINTR and the handler would get executed immediately.
> Anyone wants to propose a patch + tests?

Attached is a tentative patch: it checks for pending signals inside
_bufferedreader_read_generic, fileio_readall, and rawiobase_readall.
I tested quickly on regular files and on pipes, and handlers are now
called on time. As a an obvious bonus, it's also easier to interrupt a
script doing I/O with a KeyboardInterrupt (SIGINT).
If nothing seems blatantly wrong about this patch, I will go ahead and
try to write some tests for this.


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