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Etienne said:
yes, lets not complexify anymore please...

Albert Einstein said:
Things should be as simple as possible, but no simpler.

I say:
My "learning" of HTTP predates "chunked".  I've mostly heard of it being used in downloads rather than uploads, but I'm not sure if it pertains to uploads or not.  Since all the data transfer is effectively chunked by TCP/IP into packets, I'm not clear on what the benefit is, but I am pretty sure it is off-topic for this bug, at least until FieldStorage works at all on 3.x, like for small pieces of data.

I meant to say in my preceding response, that the multiple encodings that may be found in an HTTP stream, make it inappropriate to assign an encoding to the file through which the HTTP data streams... that explicit decode calls by FieldStorage should take place on appropriate chunks only.  I almost got there, so maybe you picked it up.  But I didn't quite say it.
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