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yes, lets not complexify anymore please...
> Because the HTTP protocol is binary, only selected data, either explicitly or implicitly (by standard definition) should be decoded, using the appropriate encoding.  FieldStorage should be able to (1) read a binary stream (2) do the appropriate decoding operations (3) return the data as bytes or str as appropriate.
> Right now, I'm mostly interested in the fact that it doesn't do (1), so it is hard to know what it does for (2) or (3) because it gets an error first.
> ----------
according to rfc2616...

"Transfer-codings are analogous to the Content-Transfer-Encoding values
of MIME [7], which were designed to enable safe transport of binary data
over a 7-bit transport service. However, safe transport has a different
focus for an 8bit-clean transfer protocol. In HTTP, the only unsafe
characteristic of message-bodies is the difficulty in determining the
exact body length (section 7.2.2
<>), or
the desire to encrypt data over a shared transport."

I may have not fully understood that part. Is "chunked" encoding what's
being used in MIME to allow
large file uploads and properly handle multipart POST requests?

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