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Etienne, I'm not sure what you are _really_ referring to by HTTP_TRANSFER_ENCODING.  There is a TRANSFER_ENCODING defined by HTTP but it is completely orthogonal to character encoding issues.  There is a CONTENT_ENCODING defined which is a character encoding, but that is either explicit in the MIME data, or assumed to be either ASCII or UTF-8, in certain form data contexts.

Because the HTTP protocol is binary, only selected data, either explicitly or implicitly (by standard definition) should be decoded, using the appropriate encoding.  FieldStorage should be able to (1) read a binary stream (2) do the appropriate decoding operations (3) return the data as bytes or str as appropriate.

Right now, I'm mostly interested in the fact that it doesn't do (1), so it is hard to know what it does for (2) or (3) because it gets an error first.
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