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Hello All,

sorry for lack of communication recently, I'd alos like to see it in 3.2 instead of 3.3, but my time is not as scalable as I wish and I can't run on clouds yet .)

I like Trent's module and especially its usefullness via the commandline. I'm also happy about learning on "SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\App Paths\\" key, and did reimplement it in my module (with optional static=True parameter to cache the key and parsed path instead of querying and parsing them on each run).

For inclusion in shutil, I'd imho prefer the interface chosen here, ie. which_files() returns generator, which() returns first match, or raises IOError(errno.ENOENT), but that's my opinion only. There's also adapted the default extension list to match the given Windows version, which helps resembling the real command execution behavior.

The escape+quote chars in path are an interesting problem. I wrote a simple test for them to find out the behavior on Windows XP/7 and Linux, and will do the correct implementation and tests later this week.
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